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 Did we mention we're excellent at having fun?! 

That aside, our driving rhythm, bold guitar, and tight harmonies aren't too shabby, either! 


Here's a few testimonials:
"If your looking for a fun high energy band to spend a few hours with Six Pack will definitely keep you entertained and dancing" - Jill B.  
"Love this band!! Always a great time!!!" - Rachel S.
"Six-Pack is a bunch of ROCKIN' musicians who will keep you dancing all night along! I've been to countless dance parties of theirs and always have a great time." - Barb A.
"They are a great and fun group of musicians! They really know how to lay down some good jams. Would definitely book them to play at any event I'd be hosting."
- Tyler V.
"Cool bunch of musicians. Dual female vocalists makes them very unique. Always a fun time when they are playing!"  - Darren S.
"This amazing and talented band keeps the energy up all night! They are very funny and wonderful musicians, absolutely worth seeming more than once. I highly recommend attending any of their shows!" - Katrina T.
"Tight band with great energy and great song selection! if you haven't checked them out.... Do it! do it nowwww! :)" - Jay B.


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